Quickly Detect and Respond to Cyber Attacks

Stop attacks before they result in breaches.

Detecting threats your prevention tools miss requires a combination of technology, process, and expertise.

Every organization needs to detect new threats and immediately respond.

Few can assemble the resources and expertise.

Red Canary was built to bring Fortune 100 threat detection and response to every organization.

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In-depth analysis of every endpoint event to detect threats and attackers across the kill chain.

The average endpoint on your network generates about 150,000 events every day. Red Canary analyzes every event against numerous types of detection technologies to identify threats at each stage of the cyber kill chain, from installation through actions on objections.

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Expert investigation of every potentially threatening event to eliminate the noise.

You don’t have time to chase down false positives. You need fast, accurate threat information. When you are alerted to a threat detected by Red Canary, you know it has been investigated by an expert analyst and requires action.

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Comprehensive threat reports with response tools for immediate endpoint isolation and remediation.

Red Canary’s approach takes you to the edge of a remediation decision without making the decision for you. Every Red Canary threat detection will explain the threat and what the analysts found during their investigation so you understand what you’re facing.

Response tools let you isolate and remediate endpoints to clean up attacks whether affected systems are down the hall or across the world.

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