Threat Analysts and Forensicators

A team of endpoint security experts triaging and investigating alerts on your behalf

The Red Canary security team brings together endpoint analysts, incident responders, forensics experts, and security engineers. They understand what normal endpoint activity should look like, when a more thorough investigation is required, and when to raise the alarm. 

Each member of the team is trained across multiple disciplines, including:

“Red Canary helps us defend against many different types of threats and gives us a level of visibility into endpoint activity that we previously never had. They will continue to be a foundational part of my security program and I am glad I found a partner with true expertise in endpoint security.”

CTO, Global Financial Investment Firm

Meet Several Members of the SOC Team

Joe Moles

An IR and digital forensics specialist, Joe has more than a decade of experience running security operations, incident response, and e-discovery at Fortune 500 corporations like Office Max and Motorola.

Michael Haag

Michael architected the security program at Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 150 company with more than 70,000 endpoints. He is an extensive EDR user and helps customers defend against the spectrum of threats.

Frank McClain

Frank was one of the first Carbon Black Response users and is an expert in forensic investigations. Customers benefit from his years of experience investigating IP theft, computer abuse, fraud, malware, and other inappropriate conduct.

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