Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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We built the blue team to defend your business

Building a sophisticated blue team is challenging enough. Affording and retaining the right expertise is another story. Red Canary arms you with a world-class blue team to vigilantly defend your environment against adversaries and protect you from damage.

Rare talent

Gain the skills, processes, and tools of a multi-disciplined blue team, without the significant time and financial investment of building your own.

24×7 coverage

We continuously monitor your environment so you know exactly what is happening across your endpoints and user activity.

Cut time to remediation

The average breach goes undiscovered for 191 days. Red Canary is designed to cut detection and response times to minutes.

Quickly improve security

Make one strategic investment and dramatically improve your overall security program and posture. We can be up and running in minutes.

Extend your team

Our customers appreciate that we don’t feel like just another vendor. They consider us to be part of their team.

Constant vigilance in the face of evolving adversaries

Attackers will always find a way to bypass security controls, no matter how many tools you invest in. Red Canary operates a detection and hunting platform designed for broad coverage so you will know when adversaries are in your environment.

We monitor endpoint activity 24×7 to identify adversaries and anomalies. Anything suspicious will be investigated by an expert to drastically reduce the likelihood of a breach. Each investigation combines low-level data, fused intelligence, ongoing research into attacker techniques, and deep analysis expertise.

Continuous analysis of application, user, and endpoint behavior
Static analysis of collected binaries for reputation and similarity detection
24 x 7 x 365 investigation of potential threats by the Red Canary Cyber Incident Response Team
Highly reliable detections with a nearly zero false positive rate

Continuously identify adversarial behaviors

The best blue teams pick a taxonomy such as MITRE ATT&CK™ to use as a roadmap to both guide and measure their detection coverage. They look for those behaviors across every piece of data collected from their systems.

Red Canary’s threat research and detection development teams continually research, test, and identify new adversarial techniques to defend your organization. Our security operations team applies their experience and intuition gained from tens of thousands of investigations.

Developed and operated by experts in detection, response, hunting, and security operations
Broad and well-defined detection of a wide range of adversarial techniques used by advanced persistent threats (APTs) and commodity adversaries
100% of detection techniques mapped to new and proposed ATT&CK techniques

Respond to threats immediately

Red Canary makes remediation simple and effective whether affected systems are down the hall or across the world. Every confirmed threat from Red Canary includes all the information you need to remediate.

Red Canary’s orchestration and automation makes it simple to customize playbooks that execute when threats are confirmed by our team.

Understand exactly what happened and respond with the click of a button
Isolate endpoints, kill malicious processes, delete or capture files
Ban binaries and connections to domains across your environment
Use automated response playbooks for greater speed and efficiency

Expertise across all blue team components

Our business is stopping adversaries and we do it extremely well. We understand what typical system activity looks like across operating systems to deliver high quality monitoring and apply human intuition when something appears abnormal.

Red Canary combines detection analysts, incident responders, forensics experts, security engineers, and threat researchers to stop breaches:

Threat Hunting & Investigation

Rely on the expertise of our security team to investigate suspicious activity and reliably reduce threats from false positives. We apply advanced detection techniques to surface subtleties overlooked by other solutions, quickly and accurately finding threats hidden in massive amounts of data. We hunt for new techniques and indicators that lead to new detections.

Threat Research & Detection Development

Adversarial techniques are always evolving. We perform trusted research to identify new adversarial techniques, test our detection coverage, and educate the community.

Security Program Development

Our incident handlers are an extension of your team. They apply expertise in reporting, architecture, remediation, and engineering to deeply understand your environment and controls. From strategic recommendations to day-to-day tactical operations, they’re dedicated helping your organization improve its security.

Response & Remediation

When an incident occurs, a quick and strategic response is critical. We support your incident response efforts by arming you with tools and playbooks, providing guidance on remediation, and answering questions about detections.

Red Teaming

Being a great blue team means continuously testing what you detect. Our deep red team expertise drives threat research and detection optimization across all disciplines of security operations.


Behind the scenes, advanced engineering fuels our agile platform. We are always innovating to address new adversary techniques, incorporate customer feedback, and drive greater efficiencies for our security operations team.

Red Canary has been an excellent investment for us. It has improved our security program and we’ve seen positive benefits in terms of incidents identified and effectiveness of the platform.

Chief Technology Officer Financial Organization

If you’re struggling with the right resources, hiring Red Canary gives you the expertise and team you need. I now have experts looking at every one of my computers and the process to deal with an issue as soon as I see it. That’s something I’ve never had before.

IT Security Leader Manufacturing Company

Red Canary acted as an extension to my small team. We always had the opportunity to request additional information or support around the clock.

Security Architect Technology Company

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