Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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5 Reasons Organizations Outsource Security to Red Canary


Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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Unlock the power of your EDR deployment

Too many alerts. Too little bandwidth. Threats are in your network for days, buried in piles of data. Red Canary’s managed detection and response can help.

Easy deployment in minutes

Start seeing value from Day One. Red Canary manages your Carbon Black Response or CrowdStrike Falcon deployment with no appliances or hardware required.

Stable EDR infrastructure

Our fully hosted and managed solution removes all infrastructure and engineering burdens from your team so you can stay focused on your security.

Patching, upgrades, maintenance

You’ll no longer need to spend time checking server health, patching software, and resizing as your business grows.

Detailed, actionable information

Quickly understand each threat with a breakdown of the most important information from our team’s investigation.

Integrated workflow and response actions

Maximize your team’s efficiency. Integrate notifications into your workflow and contain threats with the click of a button.

Rapid notification about actual threats

Red Canary’s Security Operations Center investigates and hunts for threatening activity around the clock, removing false positives, and classifying confirmed threats.

Industry leading coverage of adversary tactics and behaviors, 100% mapped to ATT&CK
24 x 7 x 365 analysis and investigation coverage
Measure your program with Mean Time to Remediation reports

Our Detection Operations team is built of OS development, forensic, and incident response practitioners who are obsessed with identifying ever evolving adversary behaviors.

Respond in seconds

Understand exactly what happened and respond with the click of a button. Use automated remediation plans for rapid response whether an affected endpoint is down the hall or around the world.

Cut mean-time-to-response
Isolate endpoints, kill malicious processes, and more
Automatically execute response playbooks

Free up time and resources

You don’t have time to decipher piles of data and chase false positive alerts from your EDR product. Red Canary effectively detects threats by leveraging a purpose built platform design for our security operations team.

Offloads tier one and two triage and investigation to Red Canary
Focus your team on responding to actual threats that require remediation
Benefit from Red Canary hunting for new adversary techniques inside your network

Red Canary has taken what used to be a daily workload of hours, and brought it down to minutes. Every detection is now actionable and reliable. It has significantly boosted our confidence in our defense posture.

Security Analyst Denver Health

I’m confident in our EDR deployment and the process we have with Red Canary. If Red Canary went away, I’d worry that we wouldn’t catch an event in time that could be disastrous for our environment.

Information Security Manager Denver Health

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