Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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5 Reasons Organizations Outsource Security to Red Canary


Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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The broadest detection coverage against threats

Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving. Detecting the modern adversary means continuously expanding your detection coverage.

Whether you need to close gaps against sophisticated, targeted attacks or quickly take your detection coverage from zero to sixty, Red Canary can help.

Battle-tested detection

Every Red Canary detector is defined in code and continuously exercised by unit tests so you have confidence it works when it needs to.

Mapped to ATT&CK

Red Canary detectors are mapped to MITRE ATT&CK™ techniques so you can quickly understand the additional detection coverage Red Canary brings to your program.

Behavioral identification

We identify a broad range of adversary activities. We are obsessed with identifying the part of an attack that is hardest for an adversary to change: their behaviors.

Rapid deployment

Our threat research and detection development teams have invested years in mapping and identifying adversarial techniques. You can activate that coverage in hours.

Easily prove detection

Open source Atomic Red Team tests make it simple for every security team to quickly measure their coverage against evolving threats and prove ongoing effectiveness.

Broad coverage begins with deep visibility

Every attacker performs various behaviors in order to breach an organization and accomplish their objectives. Red Canary hunts through massive amounts of data to identify hundreds of different patterns of behaviors used by adversaries, such as:

Execution from abnormal filesystem locations
Suspicious modification of user accounts
Command executions attempting to obfuscate their true behavior
Abnormal parent-child execution relationships

We ingest all endpoint processes and identify behavioral patterns that are representative of suspicious or malicious activity. This includes potential insider actions and attackers who are “living off the land” using native tools to hide their intentions.

Unlike most black box security solutions, Red Canary gives you complete visibility into the detectors we use and the threats they detect. We care as much about improving your understanding of adversary behavior as we do detecting them in your organization.

Understand your detection coverage with MITRE ATT&CK™

Red Canary has mapped over a thousand detection techniques and four years of confirmed threats to ATT&CK to make it easy to understand and measure coverage. Our team of expert researchers stays on top of the latest attack trends, working alongside our security operations team to develop new detection coverage against evolving techniques.

Broad library of codified detection coverage mapped to ATT&CK
Red Canary threat researchers identify new adversarial techniques and the detectors to identify them
Benefit from the intuition of security operations teams that hail from red and blue team backgrounds
Powerful reporting shows hotspots of which types of tactics are being used against your organization

World-class security operations

Red Canary operates a massively scalable detection and hunting program so you can gain confidence that you are identifying adversaries in your environment. Our purpose-built platform enables our team of expert analysts to perform accurate triage and investigation on all activity.

This ensures the broadest possible detection coverage without burdening your team with tuning and false positive analysis. You’ll only receive confirmed threats.

24 x 7 x 365 investigation of potential threats by the Red Canary Security Operations team
Highly accurate detections include actionable information to streamline response
Reach back to Red Canary’s expert investigators to discuss any questions about confirmed threats

Ideal for any security team

Our customers range from highly targeted organizations that are supplementing an already-strong security posture to lean security teams without the internal resources to manage investigation and triage and the quality demanded by their business. Teams of all sizes and sophistication levels benefit from our unique blend of detection technology and expertise.

We guarantee you’ll have more faith in your detection coverage than ever before.

With Red Canary, we have a lot of confidence that an advanced attacker will not be able to slip through our defenses. The scope of their analysis is amazing and we always are alerted to threats in a quick timeframe.

Information Security Manager Multi-State Bank

Red Canary was able to detect some advanced threat behavior that had not been previously detected in our environment. The technology under the hood of their service is extraordinary and can adapt as quickly as adversaries adapt.

Information Security Manager Multi-State Bank

Red Canary has proven time and time again they will detect the worst threats we face without ever burdening our organization with false positives. The detection and response service they built is extremely effective, and Red Canary has become one of our closest partners.

Chief Information Officer Non-Profit Organization

The breadth of Red Canary’s detection technology combined with the accuracy of their security operations center means they are a layer of security I can depend on while focusing my security team on securing other parts of my organization.

Chief Information Officer 200+ Bed Hospital

Put your detection coverage to the test. See how Red Canary can help you stop advanced threats.