Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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5 Reasons Organizations Outsource Security to Red Canary


Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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Respond to actual threats, not false alarms

Security tools come with a cost: alerts. According to industry studies, only 5% of alerts are ever investigated—leaving you exposed. Red Canary helps you focus on what matters. More than just triage and correlation, we reduce alert volume, improve fidelity, and reduce the risk of a security incident or breach.

Reduce alert volume

Instead of receiving a deluge of false positive alerts, you will only be notified of confirmed threats.

Cut response time

Red Canary lowers your mean time to detection and remediation by providing detailed context and automated response plans.

Reduce toil

Eliminate the slog of investigating false positives and tier one and two alerts by offloading that to Red Canary.

Reduce risk

Breaches often come from the alerts that aren’t fully investigated. Our team investigates everything so you don’t have to wonder what slipped by.

Deploy today

We don’t believe in the month to year-long implementation periods pitched by SIEMs and MSSPs. Deployment and onboarding takes days.

Better data than MSSP, MDR, or SIEM

The days of correlating alerts from dozens of different security products are over. Winning security teams focus on the most valuable endpoint and network data and build security programs around that data.

SIEMs and MDR/MSSP services are fundamentally limited by the quality of data entering their platform. Event logs and alerts without context don’t provide the depth or fidelity to identify subtle attacker behaviors.

Higher fidelity source data improves detection quality
100% of detections are mapped to ATT&CK to drive detection coverage
Investigative data collected from a single endpoint sensor to ease deployment

Focus on the threats that matter

SIEMs and MSSPs promise to reduce the burden of alerts, but they don’t result in better security. Using Red Canary to monitor and investigate your endpoints eliminates the pain of alert fatigue without compromising detection quality.

We do extensive monitoring and triage so you are alerted only to confirmed threats. Rather than simply prioritizing and correlating alerts for you, we do a full investigation—the same type you’d do if you had infinite resources.

Actionable detections backed by a proven threat detection and hunting service
Lower alert volume than a SIEM
Higher alert fidelity than an MSSP
Start seeing value in hours, not weeks or months

Integrate seamlessly with your SIEM/MSSP

The SIEM is the single pane of glass used by many security teams. Red Canary simply integrates with your existing SIEM and workflow—but instead of pumping in low fidelity alerts, we deliver only confirmed threats and the surrounding context.

MSSPs continue to be a great way for many organizations to offload the device management and health monitoring of endpoint and network security products. Many organizations use Red Canary to improve their security while playing to the MSSP’s device management and monitoring strengths. Integrations are simple through technological and process coordination.

Unparalleled quality to defend your organization

We’ve all worked with outsourced support and service teams that deliver a frustrating lack of quality. Red Canary brings deep expertise across key domains to help you prepare for, identify, and respond to threats.

Detection development
Security investigation and operations
Program development and planning
Testing your security programs

Red Canary analysts effectively double or triple the staff available to triage our alerts, incidents, and concerns. This frees up a tremendous amount of time so we can do proactive rather than reactive work.

IT Security Manager Healthcare Organization

The best decision I’ve made this year is partnering with Red Canary. Our false positives have ceased, alerts point us to real issues, and the telephone contact when reporting an issue is great.

IT Manager Credit Union

Red Canary has taken what used to be a daily workload of hours, and brought it down to minutes. Every detection is now actionable and reliable. It has significantly boosted our confidence in our defense posture.

Security Analyst Healthcare Organization

Stop chasing alerts. See how Red Canary can help you focus on what matters.