Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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Start securing your endpoints today
Learn more about the security capabilities that can help you defend against today’s advanced threats.

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We empower you to win against modern adversaries

Winning security teams are resilient. Vigilant. Prepared for whatever comes their way. They’re quick to respond and they continuously research and improve. Learn how Red Canary’s cloud-based service helps defenders to prepare for, identify, and eradicate threats.

Start with extreme visibility

Most investigations lead to the endpoint, which means the best way to prepare for and investigate adversary behavior is to collect detailed endpoint telemetry.

Red Canary uses industry-leading endpoint sensors to collect the most valuable data for stopping adversaries, including:

Process creation, injection, and relationships
Network connections
File modifications
Binary/application metadata and contents


The Red Canary engine standardizes and analyzes collected data, delivering anything identified as suspicious to our Cyber Incident Response Team for full investigation. The data is also available for your team’s own hunting or analysis.

Configurable retention for collected data—extendable to years
Collected in the Red Canary cloud to protect systems whether on or off the corporate network
Easy to deploy and unnoticeable to end users


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Continuously identify adversarial techniques and behaviors

Adversaries no longer use the same binaries and command and control infrastructures across attacks. They evolve. They dynamically shift infrastructure. They also leverage the flexibility of the cloud. They use hundreds of behaviors to infect an endpoint, establish persistence, move laterally, and take action. These changes nearly eliminate the value of threat intelligence and detection signatures.

Modern security teams focus on identifying adversary techniques as defined by MITRE ATT&CK™ and look for those behaviors across every piece of data collected from their systems. Red Canary operates a massively scalable detection and hunting program so you don’t have to build it yourself.

Continuous analysis of application, user, and endpoint behavior to identify adversaries and anomalies
100% of detection techniques mapped to new and proposed ATT&CK techniques
24 x 7 x 365 investigation of potential threats by Red Canary Security Operations
Highly reliable detections and <.5% false positive rate


Respond to threats in seconds

Mean time to remediation is one of the most important metrics you can use to assess the performance of your security program. Red Canary is designed to help you drive that number down to minutes.

It starts with actionable information: every confirmed threat from Red Canary includes all the information you need to remediate, including:

Endpoints and users involved
Classification of confirmed threat and ATT&CK techniques involved
What happened and how far the attack progressed


Red Canary makes remediation simple and effective whether the affected systems are down the hall or across the world.

Automated response through powerful APIs and playbooks
Orchestrated remediation kills processes, deletes offending files, and restores the Windows registry
Endpoint isolation cuts off infected endpoints from your network and stops attacker actions
Designed to automatically retry remediation actions whether the target endpoint is online or offline


We integrate with the communications and workflow tools every team uses.

Guaranteed Deployment

Red Canary requires no on-premise hardware, no additional software licenses, and no maintenance or server updates. We manage everything—you simply deploy the sensor. Deployment typically takes only a few minutes and allows immediate insight into workstation and server processes.

We don’t believe in shelfware, months long onboardings, or the year long “pilots” that security vendors like to sell you. We target complete deployment and integration into your security processes in days.

ATT&CK Mapping

MITRE ATT&CK™ is the best taxonomy to define the techniques adversaries will use against your organization. We’ve fully integrated ATT&CK into the Red Canary platform so you can see:

The techniques involved in every confirmed threat
Detection reports pivoted by ATT&CK technique
ATT&CK heatmaps showing Red Canary detection coverage by technique
The techniques involved in detections, events, and reports via APIs

Red Canary easily integrates with dozens of security and IT tools using our connectors and open APIs. Most integrations can be activated in minutes with simple configurations. Integrate Red Canary detections and intelligence across your existing toolset and workflow.


Actionable reporting is essential to improving your security posture over time. Red Canary reports are designed for security leaders and operations teams to quickly understand:

Adversarial techniques being used against your organization
Users most commonly involved in incidents
Organizational risk and infection rate trends by business unit or segment
Number of events Red Canary has investigated on behalf of your team
Assets and systems operating across your organization


Trending reports are beautifully designed for inclusion in board packages and your team’s existing reporting. Need a report we don’t already provide? Drop us a note and we’ll make it happen.


Security data should be easily accessible by people and machines alike. The Red Canary platform is highly instrumented with APIs and machine interfaces. Whether you need information about a detection from five minutes ago or gigabytes of raw endpoint activity from nine months ago, we provide those APIs.

Stream raw or standardized activity to your SIEM or analytics platform in real time
Pull endpoint, user, and detection information via simple REST APIs
Trigger CSV exports for import into Excel and other tools
Explore Red Canary data through Python, PowerShell, and other API clients

Meet your new blue team

We don’t just deploy technology and wish you luck. We arm you with world-class security professionals to help secure your environment day in and day out. It’s the type of blue team that you would typically find at an elite Fortune 100 business—and it’s included for every Red Canary customer.


“We hire the best endpoint analysts, incident responders, forensics experts, and security engineers to defend your business.”

Andy Rothman

Detection Team Manager


“Adversary techniques are always evolving. We perform trusted research to identify new techniques, test our detection coverage, and educate the community.”

Casey Smith

Director of Applied Research


“From measuring effectiveness of your tools to architecting holistic security programs, our technical expertise helps you solve problems.”

Michael Haag

Director of Advanced Threat Detection


“An action plan is critical when incidents occur. We work with you to plan, remediate, recover, and improve.”

Eric Groce

Incident Handler


“You are our #1 priority. We continuously integrate customer feedback to help organizations achieve their security goals.”

Dave Epperly

Customer Success Manager

The deployment was completely flawless. Red Canary developed a script and we had it deployed through Casper in one day. The solution integrated into our existing systems and processes, like Slack, and has made our workflow extremely easy.

Information Security Lead Technology Firm

Red Canary is a true partner. They’re in the fight with us. They are not just a vendor that’s watching and sending alerts over the wall. If something happens, they are there to collect information and get us what we need to respond.

Information Security Manager Manufacturing

With Red Canary, we have a lot of confidence that an advanced attacker will not be able to slip through our defenses. The scope of their analysis is pretty amazing and we always are alerted to threats in a quick timeframe.

Information Security Lead Financial

Red Canary catches the threats our antivirus misses and we’ve had zero false positives. Red Canary is critical to our security program.

CISO IT Security Company

Red Canary has taken what used to be a daily workload of hours, and brought it down to minutes. Every detection is now actionable and reliable.

Security Analyst Healthcare

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