Encode All the Things! Investigating PowerShell Attacks

Joe Moles

The year 2016 saw an ever-increasing level of malware authors focusing on default tools built into the operating system. For example, the increase of PowerShell in use today has led many malware authors to work out interesting ways to avoid detection by encoding and obfuscating their methods. To aid security professionals in investigating PowerShell attacks, Red Canary wants to share how … Read More

Security Weekly Talks to Brian Beyer, Red Canary CEO

Suzanne Moore

Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly recently talked with Brian Beyer, Red Canary CEO, to learn about the company’s mission of bringing world-class threat detection and response to every business. Read the highlights below or watch the full 35-minute video. SW: Tell us about Red Canary. Brian: Myself and the co-founders, Keith McCammon and Chris Rothe, all had this idea while we … Read More

Cut Your Time to Respond With Red Canary + PagerDuty

Brian Beyer

Over the years, our customers have integrated Red Canary detection notifications into a variety of tools. A few of the more common integrations include: Shared incident response email lists Webhooks into JIRA issue tracking systems Syslog into SIEMs Splunk using the Red Canary API Today, we are excited to announce our newest integration and partnership: PagerDuty. Red Canary customers can now instantly receive threat … Read More

News Flash: Red Canary Brings the Year 2001 to Security with SMS. Next Up, Fax Machines…

Chris Rothe

Despite the adoption of SMS across many enterprise products, security vendors have never really integrated SMS capabilities into their offerings. Rather, most security companies focused internally, building new workflows and processes that you had to learn. The recent trend has shifted to integration, bud sadly SMS has been left off the list. Until now! We’re excited announce Red Canary’s use of SMS notifications for … Read More

Threat Detection

Your “Easy Button” Solution for Endpoint Blindness

Brian Beyer

We often first hear from an organization when they’ve self-diagnosed themselves with a common information security condition: endpoint blindness. You have hundreds; maybe thousands of laptops, workstations, and servers in your environment and you’ve realized “I have no idea what is actually happening on them until it is too late.” Visibility into endpoint activity helps, but is just the first step. … Read More

Meta-Analysis: Analyzing the Efficiency of our Data Analysts

Chris Rothe

Data plays a pretty important role for us at Red Canary. Being a cyber-security company, we monitor hundreds of millions of events every day in search of potential cyber threats to businesses around the world. Data drives everything from growth and profitability to our technology stack, and yes, even to how we measure and improve the productivity of human beings … Read More

Using Responder Feedback to Detect Repeat Infections

They’re baaack: Using responder feedback to detect repeat infections

Keith McCammon, Chief Security Officer

Red Canary’s purpose is to perform world-class endpoint threat detection more accurately and against a broader spectrum of threats than anyone else. To do this, we continually invest in additional detection technologies and process improvements. Our newest feature sits squarely between both of these buckets. You can now mark detected threats as remediated to tune Red Canary’s detection engine and ensure that … Read More