Infosec Career Advancement: 5 Steps to Making Your Next Move

Surfing the Mid-Career Wave: 5 Steps to Making Your Next Move

Julie Brown

We’ve written articles on how to get into information security, but what about when you’ve been in the field for a few years and have outgrown your position? Moving into management is not the only way for an infosec professional to grow. This blog post shares practical tips to help you evaluate your strengths, discover areas of interest, and grow your career in the way that’s right for you.

attacking a mac

Attacking a Mac: Detecting MacOS Post-Exploitation

Frank McClain

Everyone, please take a deep breath and say it with me: “Macs are invulnerable to compromise.” Everyone knows that’s true, right? Attacking a Mac is impossible. Okay, well perhaps most of the population thinks that, but we are part of the uber-elite cyber-warriors that know better. All systems are vulnerable. Our Macs only get popped when we want them to, … Read More

retain security operations staff

4 Strategic Approaches to Retaining Security Operations Staff

Frank McClain

Search the internet on the subject of “InfoSec talent shortage” and you will get enough results to keep you busy for a long time. But if you’re in management or another leadership role, you don’t need the internet to prove there’s a problem. You feel the pain every time you search for a good candidate to fill an open position, … Read More