Monitoring and Management

A fully managed solution should include the infrastructure

Fully managed off premise

Red Canary requires no additional hardware or appliances that your team has to monitor or manage. Built in the cloud, our DevOps team are experts in provisioning and monitoring the EDR products we use for data collection.

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Let Red Canary take over the management of your server. We are Carbon Black’s oldest and most experienced technology and managed service partner.

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Carefully monitored for performance

An EDR product does you little good if it takes days to get data off the endpoint to the cloud for analysis. Red Canary’s custom health checks reach deep into products to ensure they’re functioning optimally. When a problem arises, we fix it, ensuring you never waste days battling infrastructure.

Endpoint management tools ensure the right systems are monitored

Endpoint Inbox identifies gaps in coverage

The greatest visibility in the world is effectively worthless if you are only monitoring 5% of your organization. Red Canary’s Endpoint Inbox pinpoints deployment issues and endpoints on your network that are active but unmonitored, giving you the information you need to lock down soft targets.

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