30 Day Endpoint Assessment

The full Red Canary Managed Detection and Response solution.
Definitively know how your security is performing.

30 Day Assessments are a targeted use of the full Red Canary Managed Detection and Response service to assess the security of your organization and provide guidance about how you can best improve your security.

At month’s end, you will clearly understand how well your security is performing with recommendations from your Red Canary Technical Account Manager about how to mitigate any identified gaps.

What to expect:

Kickoff. Your Red Canary Account Manager will guide you through the endpoint sensor deployment process using SCCM, GPO, Casper, or another deployment tool.

Monitoring. Red Canary will begin immediately monitoring and investigating activity across your endpoints to identify threats and attacks affecting your organization.

Baseline Review. Your Account Manager will discuss the results of Red Canary’s baselining process that identifies scripting, remote access, file sharing tools, etc.

Response & Remediation. Every threat detected by Red Canary will include the results of the Red Canary analyst’s investigation alongside the tools to rapidly contain and remediate the threat.

Debrief. At the conclusion of the assessment, you will receive a concise package of reports highlighting the results of the assessment, baselining, and recommendations on how you can improve your security.

See below for a snippet of a sample assessment report:

Common reasons to consider an Endpoint Assessment:
  1. You are concerned your endpoints are compromised.
  2. You want to see Red Canary’s Managed Detection and Response in action before committing.
  3. You want to compare your existing security against the Red Canary approach to identify gaps.