Detecting Snake Malware

Detecting Snake Malware Using Cb Response

Keith McCammon, Chief Security Officer

Several days ago, researchers at Fox-IT announced the porting of the Snake malware framework from Windows to the Mac platform. Detecting Snake malware may be difficult as Snake is a relatively complex framework that includes persistence, information stealing, and communications modules among other capabilities. Given this information, we had a need to look retrospectively across our customer base to identify … Read More

Ransomware Epidemic

The Ransomware Epidemic: Why It’s Only Just Begun

Jamison Utter

Ransomware (or more accurately cybercrime) is a well-oiled, well-funded industry. I recently joined Michael Haag and Ben Johnson on a webinar to take a deep dive into the ransomware epidemic—discussing its origins, inner workings, and practical prevention techniques and tools. One of the top questions we received from attendees was “What can organizations expect in the future?” With changes in commoditization … Read More

Bypassing Application Whitelisting

Bypassing Application Whitelisting: How IT Teams Can Detect It

Keshia LeVan

Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for a deep dive into bypassing application whitelisting, this probably isn’t the right place to start. The intent of this article is to provide an overview of what bypassing application whitelisting means and how it looks from the view of an endpoint. The challenge security teams face is that even after … Read More

Information Security Analyst Job: Interview Questions and Answers

How to Get an Information Security Analyst Job: Interview Questions, Answers & Advice (Part Two)

Joe Moles

Job hunters who are searching for an information security analyst job have several factors working in their favor. First, it’s no secret there’s a shortage of talent in the information security industry; everyone’s pretty familiar with the stat that there were one million cybersecurity job openings in 2016. Second, information security analyst jobs consistently rank high amongst those opportunities, partially … Read More

Security Architect Lessons: What I Learned Managing and Assessing Cyber Risk at a Fortune 200

Michael Haag

I worked as the security leader of a global Fortune 200 organization for two years, where I was responsible for cyber security strategy, architecture, and risk reduction during an extended phase of rapid growth and acquisition. I focused on ensuring we had visibility across the most vital layers while working with each entity to mature their security posture and address … Read More

Security Advice You Can Actually Use in 2017

Suzanne Moore

Every company does them: a recap of the year (ransomware!) or predictions for the new year (ransomware!). Rather than putting out something generic from Red Canary, we interviewed our CEO, CSO, and CTO to get their take on the security industry and provide some helpful recommendations on how to improve your security in 2017. What do you think some of … Read More