[As seen in Forbes] Red Canary Out To Capture $3 Billion Midmarket Cybersecurity Market

Cory Bowline

A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape:  Brian Beyer, Co-Founder and CEO, Red Canary Written by Bruce Rogers, Forbes’ Chief Insights Officer & thought leadership writer. [This story originally appeared in Forbes] Cybersecurity is a major risk for any business, becoming a tax on business productivity.  As a result, the cat and mouse game … Read More

Michael Haag, Red Canary Director of Advanced Threat Detection & Research

Deep Dive With Security Operations: Michael Haag

Cory Bowline

Red Canary brings great talent to our Security Operations team to continually investigate threats, improve our detection coverage, and drive the development of our Analysis Platform. If you’ve met anyone on our operations team, you know we don’t hire the typical run-of-the-mill security analysts. To bring you the best Managed Detection & Response, we hire the best. Without further ado: meet Michael Haag, … Read More

Why We Raised Our Series A

Chris Rothe

You may have heard that Red Canary recently raised $6 million in Series A funding. This is an exciting milestone for our company, customers, and investors. I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post explaining the raise, why we did it, and what it means for the future of Red Canary. About the Raise … Read More

Cut Your Time to Respond With Red Canary + PagerDuty

Brian Beyer

Over the years, our customers have integrated Red Canary detection notifications into a variety of tools. A few of the more common integrations include: Shared incident response email lists Webhooks into JIRA issue tracking systems Syslog into SIEMs Splunk using the Red Canary API Today, we are excited to announce our newest integration and partnership: PagerDuty. Red Canary customers can now instantly receive threat … Read More

News Flash: Red Canary Brings the Year 2001 to Security with SMS. Next Up, Fax Machines…

Chris Rothe

Despite the adoption of SMS across many enterprise products, security vendors have never really integrated SMS capabilities into their offerings. Rather, most security companies focused internally, building new workflows and processes that you had to learn. The recent trend has shifted to integration, bud sadly SMS has been left off the list. Until now! We’re excited announce Red Canary’s use of SMS notifications for … Read More

Security Operations Center

Deep Dive With a Red Canary Analyst: Frank McClain

Cory Bowline

Frank McClain is a Senior Threat Analyst on the Red Canary Security Operations team. We love getting to highlight the analysts on our team because customers get to know who is defending their endpoints day-in and day-out. Frank joined Red Canary from PrimeLending, a top ten mortgage company with an annual mortgage volume of over $10B. As the AVP of Information Security, he … Read More

detecting insider threats

Detecting Insider Threats: You Don’t Need a Silver Bullet

Keith McCammon, Chief Security Officer

When looking through stock photo sites, spotting a ‘bad’ hacker is pretty easy – they wear hoodies, have no visible facial features, sit in dark rooms, and neon green/blue lines of code typically make an appearance. If only it were that easy. In reality, the smiling face in the expensive suit is just as likely a threat to your business. And while most people … Read More