Ripped from the Headlines

The Real Lessons From the Latest Security “Scandal”

Chris Rothe

In the aftermath of the excitement of the hit piece on Carbon Black published by DirectDefense and circulated by Gizmodo and others, there are a few lessons that I hope we as a security community (practitioner and vendor) can learn. 1: Understand where your data is going. The first, and most obvious, is the importance of understanding exactly what data … Read More

Joe Casazza, Red Canary Technical Account Manager

Becoming a Red Canary Technical Account Manager: Behind the Scenes With Joe Casazza

Red Canary

Customers consistently tell us that one of the things they find most beneficial about Red Canary is our Technical Account Management (TAM) team. Every Red Canary TAM has real-world security experience. They act as an extension of our customers’ teams by supporting incident response efforts, answering questions about detections, and providing guidance on remediation. Best of all, they’re driven by … Read More

Security Advice You Can Actually Use in 2017

Suzanne Moore

Every company does them: a recap of the year (ransomware!) or predictions for the new year (ransomware!). Rather than putting out something generic from Red Canary, we interviewed our CEO, CSO, and CTO to get their take on the security industry and provide some helpful recommendations on how to improve your security in 2017. What do you think some of … Read More

Security Weekly Talks to Brian Beyer, Red Canary CEO

Suzanne Moore

Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly recently talked with Brian Beyer, Red Canary CEO, to learn about the company’s mission of bringing world-class threat detection and response to every business. Read the highlights below or watch the full 35-minute video. SW: Tell us about Red Canary. Brian: Myself and the co-founders, Keith McCammon and Chris Rothe, all had this idea while we … Read More

[As seen in Forbes] Red Canary Out To Capture $3 Billion Midmarket Cybersecurity Market

Cory Bowline

A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape:  Brian Beyer, Co-Founder and CEO, Red Canary Written by Bruce Rogers, Forbes’ Chief Insights Officer & thought leadership writer. [This story originally appeared in Forbes] Cybersecurity is a major risk for any business, becoming a tax on business productivity.  As a result, the cat and mouse game … Read More

Michael Haag, Red Canary Director of Advanced Threat Detection & Research

Deep Dive With Security Operations: Michael Haag

Cory Bowline

Red Canary brings great talent to our Security Operations team to continually investigate threats, improve our detection coverage, and drive the development of our Analysis Platform. If you’ve met anyone on our operations team, you know we don’t hire the typical run-of-the-mill security analysts. To bring you the best Managed Detection & Response, we hire the best. Without further ado: meet Michael Haag, … Read More

Why We Raised Our Series A

Chris Rothe

You may have heard that Red Canary recently raised $6 million in Series A funding. This is an exciting milestone for our company, customers, and investors. I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post explaining the raise, why we did it, and what it means for the future of Red Canary. About the Raise … Read More