Herd Immunity

Red Canary

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There was a great security-related post today at Harvard Business Review titled Online Security as Herd Immunity. The gist goes like this: computer security is the most effective if everyone you’re connected to – which is everyone – is also contributing to security. Just like a herd of animals, businesses that are all at the same level of defensive capability are much more resilient to threats and less likely to succumb en masse when struck.

One of the great things about a service like Red Canary is the fact that the intelligence we gain about threats that hit one customer can immediately be useful to every other customer. In a security context IOCs take the place of germs and network connections and people are vectors, but in both cases the ability to detect an infection enables the subsequent “vaccine” we develop to be provided to everyone at the same time. In a weird way you’re kind of glad someone in our herd gets hit because it means you won’t (don’t worry; someday you’ll be patient 0 and taking one for the team).

No technology or service can stop all disease, but speed is what allows us to thwart an epidemic.

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