Security Spending Shift Toward Detection and Response

How CISOs Can Navigate the Shift Toward Detection and Response

Keith McCammon, Chief Security Officer

The security landscape is undergoing a major transformation as organizations shift spending toward detection and response. According to Gartner, detection and response is a top security priority for organizations in 2017, and spending on enhancing detection and response capabilities will be a key priority for security buyers through 2020. This shift is a move away from wide but shallow services … Read More

Cybersecurity Shortage

I Can’t Fill My Security Head Count. What Can I Do?

Ben Johnson

This guest post on the cybersecurity shortage was contributed by Ben Johnson, security executive and co-founder of Carbon Black. This article originally appeared on SCMagazine. The talent deficit in cybersecurity is real. Teams are understaffed and recruiters are getting desperate. There’s simply too much work to go around. I’ve circled the globe talking with hundreds of organizations and having an open … Read More

Information Security Analyst Job: Interview Questions and Answers

How to Get an Information Security Analyst Job: Interview Questions, Answers & Advice (Part Two)

Joe Moles

Job hunters who are searching for an information security analyst job have several factors working in their favor. First, it’s no secret there’s a shortage of talent in the information security industry; everyone’s pretty familiar with the stat that there were one million cybersecurity job openings in 2016. Second, information security analyst jobs consistently rank high amongst those opportunities, partially … Read More

Security Advice You Can Actually Use in 2017

Suzanne Moore

Every company does them: a recap of the year (ransomware!) or predictions for the new year (ransomware!). Rather than putting out something generic from Red Canary, we interviewed our CEO, CSO, and CTO to get their take on the security industry and provide some helpful recommendations on how to improve your security in 2017. What do you think some of … Read More

Security Weekly Talks to Brian Beyer, Red Canary CEO

Suzanne Moore

Paul Asadoorian of Security Weekly recently talked with Brian Beyer, Red Canary CEO, to learn about the company’s mission of bringing world-class threat detection and response to every business. Read the highlights below or watch the full 35-minute video. SW: Tell us about Red Canary. Brian: Myself and the co-founders, Keith McCammon and Chris Rothe, all had this idea while we … Read More

Outsourcing Your Endpoint Security: Webinar Recap

Chris Rothe

Thank you once more to everyone who took the time to attend Cover Your Security Gaps with Outsourced Endpoint Detection & Response! We had fantastic attendance, and really great questions during the presentation. If you missed the webinar, or if you loved it so much that you’d like to watch it again, you can view it here. I thought I’d … Read More