Anomalous behavior detection from initial intrusion through data exfiltration

Red Canary detects malicious software, insider threats and advanced persistent threats that are missed by most other security products.

You need someone to continuously collect endpoint activity, identify threats and empower your response.

That is what Red Canary can do for you.

All endpoint activity is analyzed

Stop worrying about what could be happening on your endpoints. Red Canary captures all endpoint activity and streams it to our Threat Detection Engine.

Detection for what bypasses your perimeter

Once attackers successfully breach your defenses, Red Canary is watching. From malware installation to data exfiltration, Red Canary detects it all.

Respond to threats in 90 seconds

Once you receive a Red Canary detection, responding is simple: isolate the endpoint, craft a response plan and execute.

Once an attacker bypasses your perimeter, what do you have in place to detect and respond to threats?

Continuous recording and monitoring

Red Canary’s endpoint sensor continuously collects all file executions and modifications, registry modifications, network connections, cross-process events and executed binaries.

Mutlidimensional automated threat hunting

Red Canary’s Threat Detection Engine combines behavioral analysis, binary analysis, analytics and threat intelligence to identify malicious and suspicious behavior.

Actionable detections and live response

Red Canary detections intuitively present the intelligence you need to make accurate decisions and provide the tools to respond to the threat.

You don’t have to defend your endpoints alone – Red Canary will identify anomalous behavior on your endpoints and empower your response.

“Companies trust PhishMe to deliver a secure solution and experience that changes their employees’ security behavior against phishing attacks. We trust Red Canary to monitor our endpoints for advanced threats and augment our security program as an extension to the PhishMe team.”S. Sundhar, PhishMe Director of Technology

“Red Canary addresses a critical gap in enterprise security by providing actionable alerts and valuable security expertise at far less than it would cost to hire a single employee on our own.”

Chief Information Officer, Defense & Intelligence Contractor

We are here to help. Reach out and we can work together to determine if Red Canary is a good fit for your organization.