Simplified Threat Detections

Every Red Canary Detection clearly explains what happened, how far the attack progressed, and what users and endpoints were affected.

Detecting threats requires looking at every process from many angles. Context about the criteria that led to detection helps you understand how far the attack progressed.
Every detection includes valuable endpoint and user information including operating system, IP Address, and related detections.
The detection timeline details the progression of the threat. Each step explains what happened, relevant endpoint information, and annotations from our Endpoint Analysts.
Badges provide binary signing status, identify Indicators of Compromise, and provide links to research process activity in Carbon Black.

“Red Canary gives me actual information. They are not reactionary. If something malicious happens, I’m not waiting on on a list or file to be updated. It’s more real-time and gives me the intelligence and actionable insight to protect my endpoints. Prior to Red Canary, I had no ability to know what was happening across my environment.” 

–  VP Information Security, Healthcare IT Company 

Do you need easy-to-understand yet thorough detection reporting?


How CISOs Can Navigate the Shift Toward Detection & Response